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        Wayne Shang's Bio

Wayne began keeping marine aquaria in the early 1980s after keeping freshwater fish since childhood. In the past twenty years, he has focused on raising small poly stony corals and Tridacna clams.

His reef aquarium has long been considered one of the most beautiful home marine aquariums in the United States! Pictures of his aquaria have appeared in numerous books, magazines, and on the Internet.

Although keeping marine life is his hobby, Wayne has contributed his experience to overseas commercial breeding programs that raise marine fish and clams. He also takes time from his busy schedule to speak at local aquarium societies and clubs to share his knowledge and help other aquarist solve their problems.

Wayne holds an MBA and a Ph.D. in Global Management. He currently maintains a 700-gallon reef aquarium and a 300-gallon marine fish-only aquarium at his residence in California.


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